We are a husband and wife team who are dedicated to developing and providing the best quality bath and body soaps available.  We produce several types of soap each intended to meet the specific need of the most discriminating user.  Like a good cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of your favorite wine in the evening our soaps provide you with one of life’s small pleasures.  Something you can look forward to every day because you know it’s going to be just how you want it.  No brilliant, swirling colors, no perfumed scents, just clean and fresh.

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Soap for Every Body – Silky feel in hand and a full, rich lather.  You can’t miss with this one.


Soap for Men – (with pumice) – Slightly more firm feel in hand and a more dense, rich lather.  Just enough pumice to leave you feel clean, not scoured.


Purifying Soap – (with activated charcoal) Very similar to Soap for Everybody but with activated charcoal added.  Will help further clean pores and has a slight drying effect.


Facial soap – (with calendula infused olive oil) Very similar to Soap for Everybody but with calendula infused olive oil.  This soap is available on a limited basis only.

About The Soap

Our line of soaps are made from the finest quality ingredients.  We inspect every piece of top quality suet before rendering it by hand in small batches.

Our coconut and olive oils are food grade products, the activated charcoal is laboratory grade, the pumice is cosmetic quality, and the calendula is grown and picked by hand in our personal organic garden!  In short, nothing but the finest for you.

When used in our proprietary formulas these ingredients combine to make a soap that you are going to love.  Compared to most other handmade soap ours tend to be a little harder and thus last longer.  They produce a dense, rich lather that washes off readily leaving you without any smell other than truly clean skin.  We even use it to wash our hair.

While we make no outrageous claims about the suitability of our soaps for sensitive skin we have had numerous users contact us saying that this is the only soap they can use without causing any skin irritations.

All in all our soap is everything you want from a soap without all of the frills.  The way soap used to be only better.

SOAP FOR EVERY BODY – This is our basic bath soap.  It has a pleasing, silky feel in hand and produces a rich, full lather.  No matter who you are you’ll like this one.  Ingredients:  Saponified hand-rendered tallow, coconut, olive and caster oils.

SOAP FOR MEN (with pumice) – This is actually the soap that started it all as it was designed specifically to meet Tom’s desired attributes in a soap.  Compared to Soap for Every Body it has a slightly firmer feel in hand and a more dense lather.  Plus the cosmetic grade pumice produces just the right amount of texture to “knock the bark off” without feeling abrasive.  Here’s a little secret; there are a lot of women who use this as well!  Ingredients:  Saponified hand-rendered tallow, coconut, and olive oils, pumice.

PURIFYING SOAP (with activated charcoal) – The Purifying Soap is very similar to Soap for Every Body but with the addition of activated charcoal.  The charcoal naturally bonds with a wide variety of impurities and removes them when rinsed leaving you really clean.  This soap would be a good choice for oily skin as it has a slight drying effect.  It also makes a handsome, slightly slate colored lather!  Ingredients:  Saponified hand-rendered tallow, coconut, olive and caster oils, activated charcoal.

FACIAL SOAP (with calendula infused olive oil) – With respect to its basic properties, Facial Soap also has much in common with Soap for Everybody.  However, the olive oil used in the production of Facial Soap uses organic calendula infused olive oil.  The calendula is grown and picked daily in our organic vegetable garden.  The therapeutic properties of calendula are well documented and well represented in this soap.  Ingredients:  Saponified hand-rendered tallow, hand-crafted clendula-inflused olive oil, coconut  and caster oils, annatto.

Why Tallow


It takes some solid oil to make a bar of soap.  Tallow, or rendered animal fat, have been the traditional source of solid oil for soap making.  Relatively recently, palm oil has become a common substitute for tallow used for soap.  There are a couple of reasons why:

  1. COST. No argument; palm oil is cheaper than tallow.
  2. THE MYTH THAT PALM OIL MAKES A BETTER SOAP.   Tallow soap is longer-lasting and a more cleansing and bubbly than soap made with palm oil.  It does not clog the pores and leaves skin feeling clean and well-conditioned.

Our tallow is locally-sourced and hand-rendered in small batches, using no chemicals.  Whenever possible we utilize certified humane-raised, grass-fed beef suet.


For committed vegetarians with moral objections to using animal-derived products, palm oil is probably the best substitute for tallow, but THE PRODUCTION OF PALM OIL IS THREATENING THE SURVIVAL OF MANY SPECIES IN THE TROPICS, including orangutans, Sumatran elephants, Bornean pygmy elephants, Sumatran rhinos and Sumatran tigers.  According to the World Wildlife Fund, about 400 acres of tropical rain forest per hour are being cleared to make way for palm oil production, mostly in Indonesia and Malaysia, where the palm is an exotic species.  Many species are being driven to extinction through these unsustainable practices.  Certified ‘Sustainable’ palm oil is available, at several times the price, but whether it is truly produced sustainably is hotly debated.

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We are located on the eastern slope of the North Cascades in the small town of Winthrop Washington.  To contact us please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.